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Buying & Selling a Financial Services Firm

Buying or selling a financial services practice is a major event for any business. If done right, it is more of a process than a singular event at the end of a career. This one-hour session will cover current vs. historical exit planning trends, recommended timelines and strategies for leaving your business, valuation statistics, and […]

Secrets of Succession

As an advisor, you have likely built a business of substantial value. Unlike other businesses, your most valuable asset is the relationship you’ve built with your clients, which commands time and commitment to ensure a successful transition near the end of your career. Understanding your value, key drivers and detractors, and how to develop a […]

Help Is On The Way

Change is hard. No one likes it. So it is no surprise that so many advisers avoid the subject of succession planning. Both a Cerulli Associates study and polling by the Financial Services Institute found that almost 60% of advisers have not yet identified a successor. Yet every year more advisers get closer to their […]

5 Tips for Building Value in Your Business

Whether you plan to retire in the next 12 months or next 12 years, understanding/tracking/growing your business’s value is a key element to ensuring a successful outcome for your clients when you are ready to slow down. With the tools and information available to you today, you have the ability to track the value of […]