Advisor Merger Support

Mergers can be complicated and involve quantitative and qualitative components.

Our Advisor Merger Support provides you with non-advocacy guidance from our expert team to provide both sides of the merger with comprehensive advice, consulting, and resources to make fully-informed decisions.


Service Highlights

Expert Consultation

One-on-One consulting with our experts to decide on the merger plan structure considering the short- and long-term goals you have.

Pro Forma Cash flow Model

Our analysis shows you the cash flow implications on a 10-year projection for both parties, allowing you to plan and “iron out” any final details should there be any kind of buy-up.


You will have acccess to a comprehensive set of industry specific form agreements prepared by our external counsel and customized for your situation.

Checklists & Sample Letters

Our resources including a due diligence checklist and sample transition letters help you communicate with clients.

Next Steps

Next Steps

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