best time to sell your business

Recording Preview

Selling your business is never an easy decision, and knowing when is the right time to start the process makes it even more challenging. Practice values have continued to increase year-over-year, markets have generally been strong but what the future holds remains a question, there is continued pressure on fees, continuing education, and more and more things to worry about with compliance. Join us in this webinar to discuss not only why it is the best time to sell, but:

  • Why now is the optimal time to sell
  • Current values and industry rules of thumb
  • Effective strategies to sell your business
  • What to expect when you sell your business
  • SRG’s predictions for the coming years

If you are interested in learning more and would like more info on how SRG can advocate for you, please visit our Seller Advocacy page to learn how we can help you sell your practice by finding you the best price, best terms, and best fit.