Nicole Sinclair – Client Engagement Specialist

Nicole Sinclair is the Client Engagement Specialist for Succession Resource Group and works daily with advisors to help identify solutions to their M&A and succession needs. Nicole works with financial advisors, insurance agents, CPAs and broker-dealers/custodians nationwide to help them find creative and unique solutions for their business valuation, acquisition/merger, continuity plans and succession needs. Nicole also handles all of SRG's event planning, hosting succession workshops around the country for SRG and SRG partner firms.

As one of SRG's most motivated individuals, Nicole commits herself to SRG full-time, is a health/fitness coach, and is pursuing her bachelors degree. Nicole was born and raised in Portland, Oregon and is a huge fan of the Portland Trail Blazers. She currently lives in Tigard, Oregon with her beautiful son Mason and husband Johnathan. In her free time (what little of it she has!) Nicole enjoys traveling, running/working out and spending time with her family and friends.

Fun Facts: Nicole is an avid self-improver who loves staying busy - whether that is chasing her son, completing Barre3 workouts, traveling, or attending conferences, she does it all. Nicole's guilty pleasure includes carbs and Schofferhofer Grapefruit beer!

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Title: Client Engagement Specialist

Areas of Expertise:
Consultative sales, program development, event planning

Nicole Sinclair

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