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About SRG

Succession Resource Group is a boutique succession consulting firm based in the Pacific Northwest, serving clients across the country. SRG was founded by David Grau Jr., MBA in 2012 after nearly a decade of helping advisors with valuation and succession planning. SRG's team of experts leverage their industry expertise, combined with best-in-class resources, to help advisors, agents, and accountants manage the equity in their businesses...

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Entity Support

Keep Your
Business Entity
Updated with Ease

Entity Maintenance Program (EMP)

Proper maintenance of an LLC or corporation for your financial services business is key if you wish to preserve your personal liability protection, ensure compliance with laws and regulations, execute strategic business decisions with ease, and reduce the potential of a partnership dispute. To simplify this process once a formal entity structure has been established, SRG provides the support you need to properly maintain your entity.

EMP Helps You:

1. personal liability protection

Preserve your personal liability protection.


2. Avoid Disputes

Keep a written and organized record of all business decisions.

3. active and in good standing

Keep your entity active and in good standing in your state.

4. acts with proper authorization

Ensure your entity acts with proper authorization.

Service at a Glance

Our team will assist you with the proper maintenance of your entity and provide easy-to-use tools to implement decisions and changes and educational resources to keep you updated on any entity-related requirements.

  • What's included?

    • Formal Resolutions: The preparation of up to 10 formal resolutions per service period from our comprehensive list of standard resolutions.
    • Annual Meeting Support: A meeting reminder, a list of best practices, an agenda builder, and the preparation of formal annual meeting minutes.
    • Maintenance of Ownership Records: Updates to the stock/membership ledger, stock/membership certificates, and any schedules and/or exhibits listing the owners.
    • Consulting: One hour of consulting time per calendar year.
    • Compensation Benchmarks: Compensation research data for common owner roles.
    • Company Data Sheet: A summary of the entity’s most important information.

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  • How long is the process?

    The service period for an EMP engagement covers one full calendar year and renews automatically, unless it is cancelled by providing 30 days written notice prior to the end of the current calendar year.

  • How to get started?

    Fill out our contact form, call us, or schedule a call.

    (503) 427-9910


Working with SRG has been an excellent experience. We used them to help us create our entities and then for entity support the following year. The SRG team is very knowledgeable, professional and easy to work with. The work they did was very thorough and completed in a timely manner. We would definitely recommend them to others.
— Michael M.
SRG is fantastic. They worked with us and explained all our questions. They had meetings with our accountant to coordinate the setting up of the entity and S-corp. We were very happy with all of their explanations and guidance. The final binder we received was great to keep all of our information in and make sure we had everything set up correctly. (...)
— Sharon B.
The experience in setting up an entity was a good growth experience for me in investigating deeply the options that we have available with all the complexities that exist. (...) SRG was helpful in giving me the confidence that the path chosen was the right one and provided the flexibility that we will need down the road.
— Kent T.
Free-Trial Elite
$ 0
$ 6

$ 1,750
$ 7
plus any filing fees per entity anually
Section Title
Annual Report Filing
Annual report filings are limited to report submissions to the Secretary of State and do not include annual franchise tax reports.
Annual Meeting Support
This includes an annual meeting reminder, a list of best practices, an agenda builder, and the preparation of formal annual meeting minutes.
Formal Resolutions
SRG will prepare up to 10 formal resolutions from our comprehensive list of standard resolutions upon your request at any time during the applicable service period.
Up to 10
Updates to Ownership Records
This includes updates to your stock/membership ledger, stock/membership certificates, and any schedules and/or exhibits listing the owners.
You may use all of your consulting time at once or in 30-minute increments. It is typically best used in preparation for the annual meeting of the owners.
1 Hour
Owner Compensation Data
We will provide compensation research data for common owner roles as one of your quarterly deliverables.
Company Data Sheet
We will provide a summary of the entity’s most important information as a reference tool to be included with your entity records.
E-signature & Backup Storage Vault
We will store all documents for you as extra back-up if you need it.

Entity Maintenance Program FAQs

Here are the most common questions Financial Advisors ask about maintaining their entity. Have a question not listed here? Reach out and let us know how we can help.

  • What is the difference between SRG's entity support service and the entity maintenance program?

    Our entity support service helps you navigate the nuances and challenges of establishing a new entity or restructuring an existing entity to meet your short- and long-term business goals. Once the entity has been established, it should be properly maintained to keep your company organized and reduce potential risks such as personal liability exposure, compliance violations, and disputes. The EMP will help you meet such maintenance requirements.

  • Who is the entity maintenance program for?

    All business owners who use a formal entity such as a limited liability company or corporation to operate their business.

  • Do I need formal resolutions if I operate a single-owner entity?

    Yes, resolutions provide a formal record of the decisions made by the entity’s owners and/or officers and document any key actions taken by the company.

    They are essential in demonstrating compliance with legal requirements and the entity’s governance documents.

    Formal resolutions provide protection in case of a dispute and evidence that the company had proper authorization to act.

  • What is the timeframe for this service?

    The service period for this program corresponds with a full calendar year and renews automatically, unless the program is cancelled by providing 30 days written notice prior to the end of the current calendar year.

    Clients who engage in the middle of the calendar year, therefore, need to determine whether they would like the service period to start as of January 1 of the current year so that they can get caught up on their maintenance requirements or as of January 1 of the following year.

  • What do I need to provide?

    You will be required to submit information regarding the entity by completing a questionnaire to ensure we start the program using your most current information.

    We will also request a copy of any existing entity documents, such as Articles of Organization, the Operating Agreement, Buy-Sell Agreement, and ownership ledgers, so that we can properly reference them in the deliverables we create for you.

  • Who would I be working with?

    To ensure quick turnaround times, most communication will be made via email or myCompass, which is our online client portal. But rest assured, your requests and consulting needs are handled by our team of experts.

    Nicole Frey (400 × 400 px)

    Nicole Frey, CFP®, Project Manager

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    Gracie Jaeger, Project Administrator

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  • How do I get started?

    Contact us!


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Ready to free your time up
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SRG will take the onerous task off of your hands and keep your entity compliant and updated so you have more time to focus on other more important matters.