5 employment best practices to create a salable business


Utilize Best Practices for Employees

This live session will focus on the biggest challenge for most advisors – employees. They can be the key to your success, or your undoing. Join David Grau Jr., President of Succession Resource Group, as he shares the 5 most important employment matters you should consider to build a valuable practice, including:

Employment agreements – How to use them, when to use them, and what should be in yours HR best practices – What the most successful advisors are doing right and wrong to make their business salable

Staffing levels – How many employees you should have, and what they should be doing

What to pay – Get general tips on how much each position should pay, along with regional differences

How to pay – Key considerations for the most effective compensation programs that don’t undermine the value of your business

These best practices in the industry will help you avoid common mistakes and build a more valuable business.