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About SRG

Succession Resource Group is a boutique succession consulting firm based in the Pacific Northwest, serving clients across the country. SRG was founded by David Grau Jr., MBA in 2012 after nearly a decade of helping advisors with valuation and succession planning. SRG's team of experts leverage their industry expertise, combined with best-in-class resources, to help advisors, agents, and accountants manage the equity in their businesses...

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Succession Resource Group Expands Partnership with PPCLOAN

Apr 29, 2019 1:38:01 PM

Portland, Ore. (April 29, 2019) – Succession Resource Group (SRG) announced their expanding strategic alliance with PPCLOAN, jointly providing no-cost consultation at all the major RIA conferences in 2019. This initiative is based on two key trends in the marketplace:

  1. Based on SRG deal data from 2018, almost three-quarters (73%) of all deals rely on bank financing;

  2. Finding a knowledgeable and reliable source of capital has proven challenging for SRG clients, despite the spike in the number of lenders and recruiters trying to provide or broker loans.

Dustin Mangone, CEO of PPCLOAN, shared, “We have over 20 years of experience lending to cash-flow based businesses, were the first company to develop a program for advisors dating back to 2007, and we can help in a variety of ways – with buy-outs, buy-ins, as well as refinancing.”

SRG and PPCLOAN launched the expanded relationship earlier this year in February at TD Ameritrade’s National LINC conference in San Diego, California where the two firms hosted a “Dealmakers Booth,” consulting with dozens of TD’s most successful RIAs. The two firms will be providing the same consulting opportunities at the NAPFA Spring and Fall 2019 National Conferences, Pershing INSITE 2019, as well as the Schwab IMPACT 2019.

“We are excited to expand our relationship with PPCLOAN to jointly share current M&A trends and best practices, as well as answer our client’s most pressing questions. The ability to sit with a consultant and lender at the same time provides a truly unique opportunity to help advisors receive a complete answer” said Erik Pahlow, EVP at SRG.

The expanded relationship and Dealmakers Booth at all the major RIA conferences this year was developed in response to the expected consolidation predicted by every credible source working in the RIA M&A space. These observations are supported by the number of valuations and deals done annually by SRG, who predicts no change in the consolidation trend.

Kristen Grau, CPA, CVA of SRG, said, “Either the equity markets will remain strong and more deals will be completed as advisors exit before major disruptions impact their value, or there will be a correction in the market that will cause older advisors to seek an expedited sale. This isn’t speculation, as we have seen both scenarios. We’ve had great market conditions and it has bolstered valuations and the number of deals completed, and we’ve seen advisors who exited immediately following the last recession despite it being a suboptimal time to retire and sell a business.”


Established in 1998, PPCLOAN is a conventional cash-flow based lender providing customized cash-flow lending solutions to Independent Investment Advisors and RIAs for acquisitions, mergers, buy-ins and buy-outs, succession plans, and refinances. With individually-tailored financing, a dedicated concierge team, and personalized advice, PPCLOAN takes a consultative approach to each step of the loan process.

About Succession Resource Group

Succession Resource Group is a boutique succession consulting firm specialized in helping advisors value, protect, merge/acquire, and develop exit strategies for their business. With decades of combined industry experience, SRG brings a unique combination of skills, resources and expertise to help advisors from start to finish.

Succession Resource Group
David Pan – PR & Marketing Coordinator

Dustin Mangone – Managing Partner


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David Pan

Written by David Pan