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Succession Resource Group is committed to supporting advisors with succession planning and growing their business. A key element of any long-term succession or growth strategy being successful is your human capital - having the right people in the right position at the right time. As a supporting element to our M&A work, SRG can help you navigate team development best practices to ensure that your business is protected, you retain your top talent, and that your employees are motivated while you continue to build a valuable enterprise. The following is a list of our areas of expertise and resources we can provide:

Employment/Contractor Agreements

Leveraging our extensive form agreements, we will help you put together employment, affiliation, or independent contractor agreements that can be used with some or all of your team members. Unlike working with a local attorney or building something yourself, our agreements have been field tested and build over the years to include the most important components, allowing you to deploy amazing solutions quickly and efficiently to protect your business.

Advisor Compensation Plans

Compensation plans are an important and often overlooked component of building a valuable business. With decades of experience working closely with advisors, we can help you understand compensation best practices, appropriate salaries for firms your size/type, then build compensation plans to keep/attract top talent and incent the right behaviors short and long term.

Equity Compensation

Developing an internal equity sharing strategy is a key compensation element for growing advisor practices. Succession Resource Group has experience and resources to assist you in developing equity or phantom equity sharing plans. Our experts will help you understand the options, merits of each strategy, then work with you to develop your companies plan.


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