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Succession Resource Group is committed to supporting advisors with succession planning and growing their business. A key element of any long-term succession or growth strategy being successful is your human capital - having the right people in the right position at the right time. As a supporting element to our M&A work, Succession Resource Group can help you navigate team development best practices to ensure that your business is protected, you retain your top talent, and that your employees are motivated while you continue to build a valuable enterprise. The following is a list of our four core areas we assist advisors with regarding compensation and employment-related matters. Each client/advisor's needs are different, and SRG will custom tailor a proposal for your needs.

Industry Specific Contracts

Leveraging our extensive form agreements, we will help you put together employment, affiliation, or independent contractor agreements that can be used with some or all of your team members. Unlike working with a local attorney or building something yourself, our agreements have been field-tested and built over the years to include the most important components, allowing you to deploy effective solutions quickly and efficiently to ensure everyone understands their commitment and obligations, and that your business is protected.

Organizational Resources

Leveraging our industry expertise, experience, and resources, SRG will help you with the organizational best practices related to HR. This includes helping financial services professionals develop and use Employee Handbooks, job descriptions, and organizational charts for where you are now and where you want to firm to be in the future.

Compensation Plans - How Much to Pay

Compensation plans – how much you pay, based on your location, size firm, and the position – is one of the biggest challenges for advisors as their business grows and is one of the most important parts of attracting and retaining talent, as well as building a valuable business.

Leveraging industry specific compensation information from our valuation data, combined with industry information from other sources, we are able to help you determine how much each position should be paid, understand the ranges in your region and for firms like yours, and adjust based on how you plan to compensate.

Compensation Plans - How to Pay

How much you pay is important, but equally important is HOW you compensate your team. Leveraging industry specific compensation strategies from our valuation data, combined with industry information from other sources, we are able to help you determine the compensation tools appropriate for a particular position, including but not limited to salary, hourly, variable compensation, profit sharing, and equity compensation, then help you put together a compensation plan using some or all of these that will incentivize the desired behaviors short and long term.


Next Steps

Next Steps

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