FA CMA Valuation

The team at Succession Resource Group (SRG) has been valuing financial service practices for more than a decade and has completed more than 5,000 advisor valuations - making them your go-to source for an accurate opinion of value for advisor businesses. Our unique access to real time deal data for similar businesses, combined with our knowledge of the advisory M&A market, allows us to be one of the only firms capable of providing an accurate/reliable valuation of an independent financial services firm. With one of the most experienced teams in the industry, combined with the largest database of actual deals completed and our hands-on consultative approach, advisors will gain unique insights into their business, including the value, expected payment terms, and how the value was determined.

Why value your business?

There are many reasons for getting a valuation of your firm, including selling your business, building an accurate formula into a buy-sell or shareholder/partnership agreement, sharing equity with a partner or your team, obtaining a larger line of credit, securing insurance for the business, placing a value on your personal balance sheet for estate planning, or divorce/partnership disputes to name a few examples. Valuations are most useful for our clients when used as part of the annual business planning process - allowing them to manage their most valuable asset with full information.


Competitors rely on industry averages for their “valuations.” Come to the source – all SRG valuations are based on actual comparable sales data from our proprietary database.

Hands on Expertise

Valuations completed by SRG’s expert team – the most experienced in the industry.


No “secret” black box approach – SRG will ensure you have a complete understanding of how your business was valued.

Practical Information

Value provided in the context of actual expected payment terms for similar businesses, as well as your key value drivers and detractors to make the business more valuable.

Supplemental Analysis Tools:

Succession Health Check (SHC)

Our Succession Health Check (SHC) supplemental report provides users with the information they need to successfully reach/achieve their succession planning goals. Once we have received the data gathering worksheet, SRG experts will provide you an over score based on your criteria regarding your succession preparedness, as well as specific recommendations to increase your success rate and value.


The SRG Benchmarking is a dedicated supplemental report that provides a deep level of analysis and information to you about your business relative to your peer group regarding the key metrics that drive value. This granular level of information ensures you continue to build your business efficiently and effectively, and with full information.

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Next Steps

Next Steps

We strive to take the time to understand the unique elements of your business and provide you with a personalized level of analysis that will help you evaluate where you have been, where you are, and where you want to go. To have someone reach out to you today, complete the following form or call us at 503.427.9910 x 2.