Christopher Choate – Multimedia Producer

As the Multimedia Producer, Christopher Choate is an important part of the marketing and sales team. Not only does he develop all of SRG's video and audio, he also assists in SRG's print and digital designs, social media, analytics, reporting as well as marketing research on how to improve and expand SRG brand awareness and SEO.

Christopher attended Ivy Tech in Indianapolis and focused on Visual Communications. He previously worked as the Graphic Designer for Trilithic, a company that designed testing and installation equipment for the cable industry. Considering researching a hobby of his, he is hungry for knowledge and always looking for ways to improve.

Fun Facts: Christopher recently moved to Portland from Indiana, where he grew up most of his life. He loves backpacking with his St. Bernard mix and playing video/tabletop games with friends. Christopher is an owner of his own product line, Valkyrie Beard Care.

Contact Information

Title: Multimedia Manager

Areas of Expertise:
Graphic Design, Multimedia Design, Analytics, Research, SEO

Christopher Choate