Who We Are

Succession Resource Group is a boutique succession consulting firm based in the Pacific Northwest, serving clients across the country. SRG was founded by David Grau Jr, MBA in 2012 after nearly a decade of helping advisors with valuation and succession planning. SRG's team of experts leverage their industry expertise, combined with best in class resources, to help advisors, agents and accountants manage the equity in their businesses. With decades of experience on the team, Succession Resource Group has helped thousands of advisors, accountants, agents/agencies value their business, setup and/or formalize their equity structure, and plan for their eventual retirement.

What We Do

As the industry leader in succession planning for financial service professionals, we help our clients value, grow & structure, protect and plan for the transition of their business.

We provide a hands-on experience for our clients guiding them every step of the way, providing customized solutions to help plan for and effectively manage the equity in their business. Our resources include consulting expertise, guidance on tax and compliance considerations, industry lending resources, compensation and other HR best practices, and industry specific form contracts customized for your situation.

What Makes Us Unique

We are experts on helping you understand and manage the equity in your practice. With one of the most experience teams in the industry, you will be working with a passionate team on every project, committed to helping you make every decision with full information. Our resources have been developed by the best and brightest, and fine-tuned on each project we work on, allowing your SRG team to focus on understanding your business and tailoring our resources to meet your needs.

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Meet Our Team

(Yes - Our entire team actually works here at SRG. Unlike so many companies today that misrepresent the size of their team to potential clients by showing outside contractors or attorneys/accountants that work elsewhere, we strive to build a cohesive team and keep your confidential information in-house)

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