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Fueling Your Future:

Unleashing Growth Potential through Entity Planning

Operating the entity of your business as intended can not only significantly decrease the risk of an IRS audit, but also maximize your business growth potential.

Join Nicole Frey, CFP®, to learn more about how you can properly set up and use your business entity to support your business decisions and growth.

In this session, we covered:

  • Why every advisor should use an entity to operate the business
  • The most important steps to set up the entity
  • The implications on commonly overlooked details
  • How to use the entity correctly to avoid issues with the IRS and minimize audit risk
  • The power of having the entity and what to do with it once established

Watch now to learn the right way to set up and optimize the use of your entity or be reassured that your entity is formed correctly if you already have one.


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Nicole Frey, CFP®

Director of Team Solutions