Your business is likely one of your most valuable assets, and one that you have committed a significant amount of resources to. Having a definitive understanding of the value of that business, as well as the key drivers and detractors of value in a financial services practice is the first step to protecting, growing and eventually transferring your business and trusted clients. The following solutions will help you better understand and improve the value of your business using our strategic insights and information.

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FA CMA Valuation

The Financial Advisor Comparative Market Analysis (FA CMA) Valuation provides advisors with an objective 3rd party opinion of value based on actual comparable sales in the financial services industry leveraging SRG’s proprietary nationwide database of actual deals completed, combined with our expertise and knowledge of the market.

This unique combination of data and expertise, in the hands of SRG’s valuation team provides advisors with the most current and accurate way to determine the value of their business, as well as determining realistic payment terms for similar businesses and identifying the key value drivers/detractors that will help with succession planning, determining a sale/asking price, or building your death/disability plan.

FA Appraisal

The Financial Advisor Appraisal is intended for advisors who would like a more comprehensive level of valuation analysis, useful to larger enterprises or OSJs for example. It provides an analysis leveraging the three traditional valuation methods, including market-, income-, and asset-based valuation approaches.

Using SRG’s unique knowledge of the financial services market and expert valuation team, we can provide an accurate and useful analysis and report working closely with your team, unlike many competitors that rely solely on software or industry averages. This tool provides advisors with a comprehensive understanding of their business based on a specific set of criteria.