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Secrets of Succession

As an advisor, you have likely built a business of substantial value. Unlike other businesses, your most valuable asset is the relationship you’ve built with your clients, which commands time and commitment to ensure a successful transition near the end of your career. Understanding your value, key drivers and detractors, and how to develop a […]

10 Steps to Becoming a Better Buyer

Demand for financial services practices has never been higher and despite industry demographics, the trend is likely to continue for the foreseeable future. While buyer-to-seller ratios for advisory practices vary based on the source, from 50:1 on some industry auction sites to a more conservative 10:1 observed by Succession Resource Group (SRG), there are some buyers […]

2015 Financial Advisor Merger & Acquisition Annual Review

(PORTLAND, OR — April 12, 2016) Succession Resource Group, Inc. (SRG) published its second annual review of advisor acquisition activity, recapping 2015 data highlights and trends, drawing on more than $31 million dollars in third-party sales. SRG presented its findings to a live audience in its presentation titled, “2015 Financial Advisor Merger & Acquisition Annual […]

Penn Mutual Aligns with Succession Resource Group

(PORTLAND, OR – March 16, 2016) – Succession Resource Group, Inc. (SRG) is pleased to announce a new strategic alliance with The Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company and its independent broker-dealer and Registered Investment Advisor, Hornor, Townsend & Kent (HTK), to expand the firm’s existing succession and teaming solutions. The partnership will bring the outside […]