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2017 Advisor M&A Highlights

Join us as we delve into the 2017 Advisor M&A Highlights and discuss another exciting year for the financial services industry with increased RIA and advisor consolidation, changes in compliance and the Department of Labor Fiduciary Rule, and the tax reform —  all of which had a direct/indirect impact on the value of RIA and […]

Are YOU Hurting the Value of Your Business

There are many complicated facets to running a service-based business, but the most vital component are the relationships you build every day. These relationships are the basis of value, and, for most, your business is your largest and most valuable asset. The most frequently discussed factors that impact the value of your business are profitability, […]

Secrets of Succession

As an advisor, you have likely built a business of substantial value. Unlike other businesses, your most valuable asset is the relationship you’ve built with your clients, which commands time and commitment to ensure a successful transition near the end of your career. Understanding your value, key drivers and detractors, and how to develop a […]

10 Steps to Becoming a Better Buyer

Demand for financial services practices has never been higher and despite industry demographics, the trend is likely to continue for the foreseeable future. While buyer-to-seller ratios for advisory practices vary based on the source, from 50:1 on some industry auction sites to a more conservative 10:1 observed by Succession Resource Group (SRG), there are some buyers […]

2015 Financial Advisor Merger & Acquisition Annual Review

(PORTLAND, OR — April 12, 2016) Succession Resource Group, Inc. (SRG) published its second annual review of advisor acquisition activity, recapping 2015 data highlights and trends, drawing on more than $31 million dollars in third-party sales. SRG presented its findings to a live audience in its presentation titled, “2015 Financial Advisor Merger & Acquisition Annual […]

Sigma Financial Corporation / Parkland Securities, LLC and Succession Resource Group Partnering to Expand M&A Resources to Advisors

(PORTLAND, OR – November 13, 2015) – Succession Resource Group, Inc. (SRG), the industry leader of acquisition and succession solutions for financial advisors, is pleased to announce a new strategic alliance with Sigma Financial Corporation (Sigma) and Parkland Securities, LLC (Parkland), broker-dealers based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The alliance is designed to raise awareness and […]

Financial Advisor’s 2015 Mergers & Acquisitions Mid-Year Review

Succession Resource Group’s 2015 Mergers & Acquisitions Mid-Year Review As volatile markets and potential legislation from the Department of Labor continue to throw advisors curve balls, Succession Resource Group takes a dive into advisor deals done thus far in 2015. We examine how these factors are affecting values in the financial services industry, trends in the marketplace, […]