Advisor M&A Review

Current Data & Trends for Financial Service Professionals

RIA M&A activity accelerated at a sizzling pace in 2021 with a variety of noteworthy changes and shifts in the market — including how deals are being structured, valuation multiples, employment and equity sharing strategies for growing teams, and much more.

This session looks back at 2021 trends, shares the most noteworthy changes impacting advisors' businesses, and provides projections for 2022.

David Grau Jr., Kristen Grau, and Nicole Frey provide their commentary and perspective, as well as address Q&A from advisors.

Whether you are interested in building enterprise value, keeping valuable employees, buying or selling, the information in this presentation is invaluable.

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David Grau Jr.

David Grau Jr., MBA

Kristen Grau

Kristen Grau, CPA, CVA

Executive Vice President
Nicole Frey

Nicole Frey, CFP®

Project Manager


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