Partnership Programs

The Challenge

Helping your advisors understand and manage the value of their business is becoming an increasingly important part of retaining and attracting top advisors, as well as helping them sustain growth as they get close to retirement. With the average advisor age now exceeding 55, providing turn-key solutions, information and support is more important than ever. To help our corporate partners, we have developed unique solutions that allow us to collaborate with you to help your advisor:

Joint Marketing Affiliation

We know that providing your advisors with trusted resources and information is an important role that many of our partner firms fill for their advisors. Our Joint Marketing Affiliation program is designed to position Succession Resource Group as a partner and outside expert, but one that will work as a team with you, or corporate partner. We will work together as your referral partner to raise awareness through cohosted webinars and events, educational materials (articles, videos, case studies, etc.) as well as provide your advisors with other special benefits.

Licensing Agreement

For firms that want to provide more than just a referral to a firm like SRG, we will create a custom-tailored and branded set of deliverables for your firm. Common examples of licensed resources to provide would include contingency planning packets for death/disability planning, acquisition packet to help them find and close deals, or succession planning. The licensed resources typically include an article and/or FAQ, supporting educational workshops or webinars, industry-specific form contracts, and other resources.

Succession Platform

SRG’s member’s only area Succession Platform will provide your advisors with online access to an expanding and comprehensive array of resources for their use 24/7. Resources include access to educational video content, articles, whitepapers, checklists, form contracts, and annual valuations. The tools and information on the site will provide advisors with everything they need to assist them with running, growing, and leaving their business.

Network Solution

Our full-service Network Solution retains SRG to act as your firm's succession department, working with/for home office to help your advisors as needed at no cost to them. You and your advisors have access to experienced consultants and a support team, as well as the resources to complete their project.

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