Deal Support

SRG’s Deal Support Services are for those advisors who have found their respective buyer/seller. We work with all parties to help you complete your deal by evaluating and understanding your deal, from compliance, financing, tax considerations, client communication, and our use of form contracts.

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Sourcing Strategies

Through our acquisition support programs, we assist potential buyers in finding practices to acquire in multiple capacities – from our buyer profile program to our more comprehensive Seller Workshops. We can work passively or actively to help you gain greater market share.

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Offer Letters

If you have found a potential practice to acquire, SRG can help you evaluate the practice to determine a reasonable offer – factoring in the combination of price, payment terms, tax structure, compensation, and timeline. Our team of experts will build and provide a comprehensive offer letter to review, adjust and submit using our evolved form contracts to ensure that your offer is well informed and well written.

Lending Support

We work with a wide vary of lenders to help you get the funding you need in a timely manner and ensure that you are connected with the appropriate industry experts to make the process streamlined. We will work directly with you to identify your end goal and ensure that your deal gets is closed with the appropriate amount of funds in a method that makes sense for the industry.

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