First Affirmative Financial Network LLC Aligns with Succession Resource Group

First Affirmative Financial Network LLC Aligns with Succession Resource Group

PORTLAND, Ore. – Succession Resource Group, Inc. (SRG) is pleased to announce a new strategic partnership with First Affirmative Financial Network LLC, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of FOLIOfn, Inc., specializing in sustainable, responsible, impact investing. Through the new partnership, SRG will expand the available succession resources, expertise, access to tools and information, as well provide reduced fees as a new partner with advisor succession planning.

First Affirmative’s partnership with SRG addresses a key strategic need of organizations industry wide – how to raise awareness and provide tangible solutions to help the aging advisor population plan for their eventual transition out of the business. SRG joins First Affirmative’s ongoing effort to inspire action in this area, providing external resources and 3rd party guidance from some of the most experienced minds in advisor valuation and succession planning.

Effective December 2016, First Affirmative advisors will begin to see additional education content from SRG on advisor valuation, strategies to build a more valuable practice, lending and financing options, death/disability planning, acquisition strategies and succession planning best practices. The educational content will be disseminated over the course of the coming months in the form of articles and whitepapers, live webinars, recorded webcasts, and in-person presentations at First Affirmative events. The first tangible step taken by most advisors, whether looking to grow through acquisition or plan for retirement, is having their business valued. For this reason, First Affirmative members will be able to access SRG’s valuation service with the partner subsidized rate of 15% reduced fees. According to Danielle Burns, VP of Sales/Marketing at First Affirmative, “We are excited to partner with SRG and provide our network of advisors access to the tools and resources that can help them better serve their clients and navigate the changing landscape of succession and valuation planning.”

To support First Affirmative’s ongoing commitment in helping their advisors with succession planning, David Grau Jr., Founder and CEO of SRG, said his firm is excited about the alliance and the opportunity. “First Affirmative and their advisors operate in a unique and growing segment of our industry with responsible investing – something that I am personally passionate about and excited that we will be able to help ensure more First Affirmative practices build businesses that will be here for many generations.” Grau said. “I get advisors are busy running their businesses, our job is to help the advisor engage proactively with managing the equity in their business, then provide turnkey solutions so they can get back to business, but rest easy knowing there is a plan for their most valuable asset.”

About First Affirmative Financial Network, LLC
First Affirmative Financial Network, LLC (“First Affirmative”) , a wholly owned subsidiary of FOLIOfn, Inc., is a leading provider of investment management and consulting services to financial advisors and their socially conscious clients. By integrating a client’s mission and values into the investment process, First Affirmative delivers personalized portfolio management to those who wish to profit from companies making positive contributions to society.

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Contact: Danielle Burns, VP of Sales/Marketing | Phone: (877) 542-8583 | Email:

About Succession Resource Group
Succession Resource Group, Inc. is a boutique succession consulting company specialized in helping financial professionals value, protect, merge and acquire, and develop exit strategies for their business. With decades of industry experience, SRG possesses a unique combination of skills, resources and expertise that allows them to help advisors understand the value of their business, develop strategies to improve that value, protect the value with comprehensive contingency and succession plans, and grow through acquisition.

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Contact: Nicole Sinclair – Corporate Liaison & Events Coordinator | Phone: (503) 427-9910, ext. 2 | Email:

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