FA Appraisal

Our Financial Advisor Comprehensive Appraisal provides a deep and comprehensive level of valuation analysis of your business, combining SRG's unique knowledge of the financial services market and our proprietary/robust database of actual comparable sales data to provide a valuable market based analysis, as well as valuing the business using the traditional appraisal methods - income and asset based approaches. This combination of valuation approaches allows us to provide you with a complete understanding of the value of the business, as well as highlighting key value drivers and detractors based on current industry trends.

The FA Comprehensive Appraisal is the ideal solution for:

Succession Resource Group Increase Your Business Value E-Book


For larger enterprises ($3-5 million gross+ annually) where a buyer/successor would acquire the entire business as a going concern.

Internal Succession Plan

For those selling the business internally to a key successor or wanting to know the value of the business based on the profitability of the company?


For advisors operating an Office of Supervisory Jurisdiction (OSJ) or shared office/service platform of any size where an infrastructure will be part of the transition.


Next Steps

Next Steps

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