Equity Appreciation Plan

Do you want to provide a valuable compensation and retention tool, that doesn't require an immediate cash outlay for your key staff? SRG's Equity Appreciation Plan allows you to develop and deploy a phantom equity sharing plan so you can share a portion of the future growth in the company without giving up equity or profits.


Two Types of Plan

Type I: Phantom Equity Sharing

Give up no equity or profits today, but share a portion in the future value.

Type II: Employee Share Plan

Allow employees to buy-in to the firm by providing equity today while still maintaining control.

Service Highlights

Expert Consultation

One-on-one consulting with our experts to decide on the your structure considering short- and long-term goals.


SRG will provide you with formal recommendations based on our initial intake call and surrounding tax considerations, granting and vesting strategies and timelines.

Pro Forma Financial Model

Our pro forma cash flow model analyzes the before- and after-tax cash outflow and helps all parties “iron out” any final deal details pertaining to the buy-in.

Form Contracts

Our industry-specific form contracts will be provided and tailored to your plan and participant documents, ensuring that you use agreements prepared by our external counsel that are field-tested and peer-reviewed.

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