Elite Advisor Institute Offers New Angle to Advisor Coaching

Elite Advisor Institute Offers New Angle to Advisor Coaching
David Hansen, Director of Elite Advisor Institute

David Hansen, Director of Elite Advisor Institute, built and grew a company to 25 employees and nearly $1 billion AUM.

Portland, Ore. (Aug. 16, 2017) – Succession Resource Group (SRG) is partnering with industry veteran, David Hansen, to launch the Elite Advisor Institute (EAI), the first coaching and consulting company focused on helping advisors increase the value of their business and/or grow through acquisition.

Hansen started EAI after ending a 23-year career as an advisor, who built his company valued at $20 million with nearly $1 billion in asset under management (AUM) upon his exit. As an advisor who valued his business every two years, Hansen had a consistent focus on building systems that drove the value of his company, but found no qualified coaching support in the industry.

“After years of building my own advisory business, buying practices, and helping my advisors, I realized advisors need more than the basic coaching from ‘experts’ who have never done what they are teaching,” Hansen said. “I’m excited to focus on what I am most passionate about – helping successful advisors build better businesses.”

Mirroring SRG’s industry observation over the last decade, Hansen also noticed a shift among financial advisors to focus more on clients and business value than merely increasing sales and revenue.

David Grau Jr., President of Succession Resource Group, added, “With advisors beginning to think about their work as a business with value, they are asking how they can improve the value of their business, or how to grow through acquisition. With this shift has come a demand for value and equity based coaching. That is where EAI’s expertise, combined with SRG’s data and tools, comes in.”

Currently, EAI has two coaching programs – the Advisor Amplify Program and Enterprise Value Builder. The first supports buyer’s efforts to grow through acquisition, the latter helps advisors build a more valuable business. Other coaching topics include organization planning, workflows, and next gen coaching. EAI provides personalized coaching for each client to optimize the results.
Through the end of 2017, the Elite Advisor Institute is offering pilot program rates for individual advisors and broker-dealer/custodian groups.

About Elite Advisor Institute
Elite Advisor Institute is dedicated to help the industry’s best advisors become better. Led by retired advisor David Hansen in partnership with industry expert Succession Resource Group, EAI provides hands-on personalized coaching and curriculum to the top financial advisors across the country. For more information, visit http://www.eliteadvisorinstitute.com/.

Contact: David Hansen
Phone: 503.427.9910 x 1310
Email: dh@eliteadvisorinstitute.com


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