Anden Leesley – Director of First Impressions

Anden Leesley is the Director of First Impressions for Succession Resource Group and works to ensure the first interaction with SRG is a positive and memorable one (and subsequent interactions of course). She works directly with the internal team and our clients, making sure client needs and questions are quickly addressed, and the clients are onboarded seamlessly. Additionally, she handles all of SRG's event planning, hosting succession workshops around the country for SRG and SRG partner firms, and ensuring our teams and speakers are in the right place at the right time.

Anden is originally from the Midwest, growing up in Chicago, Illinois, but spent much of her adult life in Oregon where she graduated from Portland State University with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. She previously worked in the medical field where she utilized her crisis management and analytical skills to assist in patient care.

Fun Facts: Anden loves living in the Pacific Northwest. She loves trying new restaurants and recipes, being active outdoors and soaking up as much Oregon sunshine as possible! Anden also enjoys a good hoppy IPA, a workout at Orange Theory and creative projects.

Title: Director of First Impressions

Areas of Expertise:
Scheduling, Research, Travel

Anden Leesley